Social Media & Relief Support

Please see this link about how a group of people started a 501c3 to help a city recover after a disaster.

Wouldn’t it be fun to get together with friends and raise money for those problems that just seem so out if reach to solve? No one has the energy to put together a huge event single handedly. Perhaps you are undergoing a project that could use a monetary/idea boost? Keep checking back because I will provide a list of ideas below of farms, cities, businesses, organizations, or what not (not sure about our government right now) looking to raise awareness, attract supporters, and create a community. 🙂

I don’t know everything about it; please don’t mind me too much if I’m getting ahead of myself. But I do want to learn more about how to attract and persuade money into solving or supporting certain issues. It would be great to create a space for people willing to help themselves and inspire others about mental health. It would be great to raise money for those who newly aquire land and want to learn to design or want to hire someone to help them design a permaculture paradise (which would help create healthy food). And, it would be great to raise money to provide food and shelter to lost domestic animals.

At this moment, I would give money to those causes. I would run 5k (hacking and spitting after the first 3rd of it). And I would listen to a stream of an interview.

I know it can seem overwhelming, and because our schedules are already overbooked with work, school, and housework responsibilities. I understand if all that seems like too much. For now let’s recharge, and keep reading. I don’t know what steps need to be taken to get there. But, maybe, if that’s what one wants to do, then it can be figured out. Rome wasn’t built in a day, week, or probably even over months time. For now, I’ll try to stay focused on my base responsibilities. 🙂

I’ve heard Goodwill offers help in achieving financial goals:

If you talk to a higher level official at your local bank (Branch Manager) they are part of Rotary Club or Lions Club and have meetings for fundraising events like pancake breakfasts, fishboils, and probably more:


What Do You Want to Remember About the Upcoming Year?

What memories do you want in your ideal year?

Is there something symbolic about this full moon, that happens to be on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Would you like to start a fun tradition with your favorite people on a certain time of the month: like drum circles, bon fires, practicing martial arts, listening to music/movie night, or just visiting?…


Projects? Repairs?

Reading those books collecting dust?

Decluttering/cleaning goals?

Do I want to try a new sport like paintball? Ehh…prolly not. Lol.


Support other’s goals with providing vision, motivation, time/space, and listening/ideas/complements?

What positive things have replaced the outdated?

What kinds of things restore energy for you?

What kinds of things change your mood for the better?

What topics interest you?

This year, I see so much optimism for this new year. That would be nice, right? I have time to think about these things, but how to actually get it done? Sometime’s I do, and sometimes I’m like, “…, I forgot.”

What is an effective way you help yourself remember what you want to do?

Why This Blog Means the World to me (Repost)

Please use the link above to support mental health. You never know who can find comfort, understanding, and hope.

Sometimes, people just want to tell their story. What has worked for them. What hasn’t. And maybe, find a way to see the silver lining.

When things get tough for me, I start reading. Reading is a bit like meditation, only you get to see through other’s eyes, and while reading, negative thoughts have no room. The Polar Writer is one of the sources that I feel help me understand human experiences, and prevent me from using my time to focus on things that do not match with good purpose.

James has really inspired me, because even when things are tough for him, he gets through them. He gets a plan. He follows through and achieves goals despite what pain may be trying to drag him down. Not only that, but he helps others feel heard and valued.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read about this.

The Ice Skating Experience

When I first get there, sometimes I’m like:

Because I never know who’s going to be there, what the energy is going to be like on the ice, or who’s watching; and that can be unnerving. People skate for dates, to frolic with their friends, to show their children a great time (taking lots of pictures), and sometimes flying solo yet part if it all. I just like to remind myself of my true purpose: to feel that thermogenesis, breathe, enjoy the music, get some cardio, burn those extra carbs (so it’s kind of detoxing), get better at tricks (if it’s safe and not too crowded), and do my best not to take a tragic fall. Though I try to stay chill, I am there to expend energy. Most the time I feel it gets inertia going of having more energy and a boost in mood than when I arrived sometimes (especially at the beginning of the season).

There are certain safety traditions I keep for my comfort. So, before I even take off to go skating, I’ll put on some volleyball knee protectors, and they are ok, but not as good as some straight up hard plastic shell knee pads. It’s important to have thick enough socks, or a couple regular pair. You don’t want your feet wiggling around in your boots, so tight laces (but not contricting to circulation or chaffing) is helpful.

It’s very easy to get over zealous when an energetic song is playing, but that’s when mistakes are made and a sudden belly flop on the ice, possibly breaking a rib, is a trick no one wants to learn. So, in a way, it teaches one to be weary of your level of consiousness on the present moment.

And then!– I love focusing on the texture of the ice. That is, how the blades glide or grind across the surface. When the music and the ice are good it’s a blissful ASMR experience, because it can be felt throughout the body. The sound of the blades arching across the ice can be heard through the air, best in tandem with the beat of the song.

This is where blinders are not a friend. It’s best to look before moving anywhere, because running into people is very embarrassing. Though I don’t mind it if people run into me. I don’t give it much thought.

Sometimes a sudden break must be made. Some people like the hockey stop, and there is nothing quite like a sudden hockey stop at your blades to wake up the old ticker (heart). Lol. For me though, I go pigeon toed (heels out, toes pointed together, and leaning back with the legs putting weight on the hips). The weight on the blades through the texture of the ice creates even more intense vibrations/sounds.

Just beginning, it can be intimidating. The ice can hurt, so that demands respect. But with time, observation, and feeling things out– trust and balance is learned.

Much Ado About Vegetables

I imagine that I am going to walk right into that kitchen and chef the heck out of some veggies and just eat them. Shovel those things like it’s my job. Then I walk into the kitchen and my mood is like blah…

Good Brain Cell: We really need to eat more vegetables.

Apathetic Brain cell: There’s powdered carrot in this birthday cupcake. 🙂

Quality Control Brain Cell: These green beans don’t look so good. 😦

Thirsty Brain Cell: There’s vegetables in tea. 🙂

Tired Brain Cell: …Can’t lift bag of kale…

Adventurous Brain Cell: Let’s just go get some motherwort from the back yard.

Blind brain cell: Let’s boil these beets and forget all about them.

Grumpy Brain Cell: We don’t have time for this, just grab something and let’s go!

Now, I need to just clear everything, and start over on a new week.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around how I can turn a bucket of food scraps into this;

Without attracting too many rodents (I know local cats and a certain red shouldered hawk do not mind, but my human neighbors might).

And then I start imagining how I’m going to go outside and start planning out garden beds, and getting soil prepared, allwhile being like Wim Hof:

(As I’m in my house shivering at 65°F looking out my back door)

I slowly get little steps done between a full time job, helping my son with homeschooling, ice skating, cleaning, social media, and uh… etc. How is your vegetable planning going?

Have You Heard of the 7 Levels Deep Exercise?

This is where you ask yourself why you want to do something or why you are doing something, and then ask why your why is your why, and so on 7 times. This allows you to get to the heart of your motivations, so you can motivate yourself when the going gets tough. (Dean Graziosi, Millionaire Success Habits, Growth Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona, 2018, p. 34-45)

At first I was tempted to start using other people’s actions as some reasons. But then, I was like, you know what? Why the heck do I even feel compelled to make up for other people’s lack of motivation? Why don’t I just ignore these things like I sometimes do when I am exhausted? And that started to get me towards more meaningful answers.

Get your free book (just pay ~ $8 shipping) of Millionaire Success Habits:

I’m already feeling like a million bucks…

Panic Mode

I was peering into the pool room, and checking the status of the pool towels. “Smells funny in here, like burnt plastic; the pump doesn’t sound right either. Maybe I should write a note, ‘Your pool room smells weird,’ No that’s silly, I’m sure they’ll figure it out…”

I am walking back to the desk when an ear peircing alarm starts going off, and I scream and jump a foot into the air. I gasp for air and tell myself I got this and walk over to the smoke alarm panel, half trying to go through in my head what I am going to do if I have to help everyone evacuate!

And that’s when I realize. I am having trouble reading the directions when I am in panic mode. I don’t even have enough attention span for my eyes to follow the dotted line to the second button I need to push. I panic more and call my manager. Luckily there are two more managers there working to remodel the rooms at that time and they turn the smoke alarm off as well as the defective pump motor.

All is back to normal. Except my realization: how am I going to function in a real emergency if I am unable to understand symbols for more than 3 seconds?

My Super Hero Name

One day my boyfriend said he was playing a game with all his friends. The deal is finding your super hero name based on what you’re afraid of, and then your gender. I decided upon Man Woman.

Oddly enough, I do gravitate towards not being that feminine. Sometimes it looks strange when I wear something feminine. Maybe it’s the short hair, I don’t know. It just doesn’t look right.

Most of my pants I got from my boyfriend, and I think they look great as opposed to the current jegging style. I have a pair of generic black ones, and they’re not too bad. Anyways, it’s just a costume.

My superpowers just might be inuition, cleaning up, independence, or my fluid nuetral nature. I’m passively positive, etc.

Maybe I should rename my name Love Woman, Social Woman, or better yet: Awkward Person (lol). Thinking for a long time about it, I’m not really afraid of dudes. It’s just easy to blank out when put on the spot. I know am far from being only one of few who feels anxiety. Maybe you already understand that the most painful pain comes from the inside, even though now I just find myself laughing about odd stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe I am afraid of everyone in general. I want to give a helping hand to someone who falls down, but I just kinda hover about trying to see if that would be appropriate. It’s terrifying to just jump right in and be like, “Here I’ll help you,” because I know it is very possible I’ll be met with a,

“Leave me alone, I got it!”

And that would be awkward.

Do you have any tips for getting the brain back and working again?