Be Present in Worlds of Color • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 2

Why would any adult color in coloring book? Why wouldn’t anyone color? Humans thousands of years ago left their stories on cave walls. And at the very least, studies show coloring helps calm the nerves. ( Towards the end of this though I was getting kind of impatient. I couldn’t stop thinking about the people I should go visit, Picking tomatoes, or seeing how my mom is doing.

One thing I noticed though, is that when my son was getting upset while playing Fort Night and he decided to give up. I invited him to color in the new coloring book I got for him. He had a pretty good time. And was saying, “Who made these pictures? I hope they didn’t get underpaid, because this is a lot of work. Only an alien could color one of these”.

And I said, “Yet here we are, two humans coloring in a coloring book. (Just like when I was a kid and Grandma colored with me 🙂


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