Robin Williams’ widow: ‘It was not depression’ that killed him | Film | The Guardian

Around midnight my boyfriend coaxed me from bed to watch a late night show interview with Robin Williams from a time when he was almost done with filming Hook. He was trying to get me to say why it was so amazing, but I was so tired I could barely understand what was being said between his exited commentation and the stream of this very old show.

“Look what he’s talking about; He’s too smart! Look how the host fake laughs, he doesn’t even give him time to quit talking.” Even Robin Williams commented how the audience was qued to laugh at the wrong time. Robin was joking about George Bush inviting a trucker to train to be a supreme court justice, and how the American nuclear industry partially started with German engineers giving up their technology laying around in there labs. The host was literally wiping his eyes and quietly giving the bird. This was all strange to me, and I couldn’t understand Robin’s inside jokes of suddenly going to dolphin mode trying to get a fish. My guy asked me to think of the similarities and differences of one our friends (who shares about global & federal conspiracy) and Robin. And after much time and deliberation, my sleepy mind finally tripped over it. Robin was trying to wake people up(Johnny Carson, 1991,


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