Slow Down on Social Media • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 6

So–I avoided social media all day on the 24th. I have read articles that the more someone uses social media, the more apt they are to have anxiety. We probably all have found ourselves in an awful argument over politics, health, or that one detail. We end up wishing we never bothered countering. And, it is a bit unnerving wondering if anyone will understand your post, think, “What a jerk…”, or even see it. But, I realize it’s not that important, it’s just for a bit of fun, and to share something helpful.

Sometimes I will see people get bent out of shape for not getting any reactions. But, many people don’t realize that there posts are being seen and reacted to. Here are some reasons people might not react directly on your post:

– They don’t want to seem disagreeable

-too tired

-not interested

-doesn’t want anyone to see them comment on a certain issue

-don’t have time

-they know they cannot do anything about it

-couldn’t think of a funny pun

-they will start their own post about it later

-and many more…

What are some ways you try to avoid social anxiety on social media, or if you see people from your social media group at the grocery store or wherever?


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