Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 7

Take a Bubble Bath:

Yeah? No. Instead of soap: epsom salts have been my best friends, especially after a hard week of work and there’s aches and pains. Instead of store bought shampoo and conditioner, 1 tbsp. Baking soda to 2 cups water and 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar to 2 cups water shaken up in separate bottles have proven to be much more gentle, but effective for hair and scalp (and much more affordable)**update: as adamate as I wanted to be that this could work all the time, it doesn’t really get all the oils out of my hair at times**. My skin is prone to get dry, itchy, and flaky even in water that is too warm, so I have taken a mental note of what water feels like under 104°f and go with that or colder. I feel especially fortunate that I don’t have to deal with chlorinated water, but even when I did I invested in a shower water filter from Menards.

This is my favorite, so far. There is nothing that can relax and get rid of headaches, muscle aches as well as a scrub/soak/message in a little warm water. It’s very rejuvenating.

Another thing to consider is the Wim Hof Method. Wim Hof shows people how they can defy self imposed limits of temperature. It’s like discovering a whole new world learning about the benefits of cold, breathing techniques, and yoga ( The main benefits being: reducing inflammation, increasing energy (through increasing oxygen and circulation), and balancing ph in the body’s cells.


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