20 Minutes of Cardio • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 9

What’s better to do in 90°F high humidity weather than 20 minutes of cardio? Well, I decided a slow jog around a shady park might be the most forgiving. Three laps later I got some water, took my shoes, and heavy cotton t-shirt off (keeping a spaghetti string undershirt on of course) and ran 3 more laps then I did a walk to cool down. Then I did some Wim Hof breathing and held my breath for a minute three times.

An interesting observation was that my hands were very warm. And three hours later they are still warm, but not as hot as my face.

Usually I like to do pull-ups, Australian pull ups, and dips, but I was too tired and hot this time.

When I got home I realized I had a blister on my foot. But all in all, even though I like to meditate more than exercise; exercise is probably more effective at chilling me out. As far as I know, if I can tire myself out I won’t be laying awake feeling my heart race like last night, I hope anyway.


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