Meditation • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 13

Cleaning and being observant of my thoughts I learned that being bullied in highschool really hurt and sometimes still does. Perhaps a helpful thing would be being ready for that moment when someone is thoughtless with their comments about what so and so stepped in we can remind them that they are not part of that issue. To the person suffering humiliation I would hope that someone would tell them that they are still valuable person. The past is past.

Say No to Bullies

How to spot if your child is being bullied, how to support them, and how to document the incidents (

Whenever noticing emotional trouble, ask: what’s going on with the breath? Is tension or deep far away thinking getting in the way of getting a good balance of air supply? One may think automatic emotional responses are reactions that can’t be avoided, but the breath is the key to controling unconscious involuntary processes because it is the one gear in the machine that is controlled conciously as well as unconciously and it has an effect on so many other gears like the brain, heart, nervous system, mitochondria, circulation, etc. It feels like changing the dial and getting to a better channel on the inside. I like to imagine all my little mitochondrias lighting up, and getting stoked up like blowing on embers in a bon fire, and blowing out is letting out a bit of smoke and steam, helping detox byproducts of past inputs.

The dragon is a symbol of the most primative part of our brains.


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