Hygge as a Productivity Tool • Chill the Anxiety Challenge 14

Hygge is a Danish word that talks about enjoying a cozy moment. So I’m thinking ugly sweaters, hot cocoa, tea, making a good meal. But it’s also planning the day/week/month, making a vision board, calling a friend to see how they are doing, taking the time to enjoy a holiday, or sitting in the dining room with family. We may even have been doing something great to ease anxiety, and didn’t even know how easy it could be. I love Susan’s 12 ways of enjoying Hygge.

Starting out on my own college, work, and hours of video games filled up my routine, but I did check out the beach, local art gallery, and go for walks in the woods. I still do walk and run around outside. And today I did lots of reading, writing, and talking with my boyfriend.

So now I am going to think about how hygge can be productivity tool in my routine. I can only hope it can help me decide from the 100s of things bothering me to do, but I struggle to even have a clean house. Maybe a hygge reward for cohabitants who help me can be used as a reward; or just something to get us to all take a break from the usual screen time. I guess this is a simple reminder to not feel so guilty when stopping to smell the flowers.

“If you are lonely the best vitamin to make friends is B1” –Anonymous

(Easier said than done, I know 😉


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