I Can Stress Ball Anything • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 15

I grabbed a piece of paper and stress balled it, that is I smashed it into a ball. I had seen guys do this in my teens, and now I feel part of the ranks of people with a legit coping mechanism. And maybe that’s why art like sculpture is so theraputic.

I had acid in my heart from a guest’s sharp words,

“Why are big dogs allowed in a hotel?” She was the third complaint already, honestly I could here the dog’s crying from the hallway on the first floor when the dog was on the 2nd floor!

Flashes of big beautiful dogs I had met here flashed through my mind. Infact they were the highlight of my day, “We’re a pet friendly hotel.”

“I would not have rented this room for $149 if I knew there would be dogs here.”

“I just called them, they are 5 minutes from getting back”

“I don’t want to hear a dog barking all night!”

“They will be here to comfort him, so he will not bark all night.

“You sure about that?”


I doubted that smashing anything into a ball would help, but I noticed that uncomfortable feeling went away. Maybe it would have went away even without crumpling something, but maybe it helped me get back to center quicker, that is get back from my angryness to present moment. The moral of the story is that I have to ask everyone with a dog not to leave them alone before hand.

Stress Ballin’ in the garden:

Step one find a specimen. It could in the wrong spot, have a nice smell, or just need trimming. A catalpa plant sprouts prolificately and no one can coppice quickly and chaotically. It’s shady tough tenacious nature makes it a fun tree species to watch grow throughout the seasons.

Step 2 grab a bit.

Strep 3: Crush the fricks out of it, notice how it smells.

Step 4, put it in the garden as mulch or compost. Or if it’s edible, maybe you’d like to make tea?

My sad abandoned garden.

If you are having a tough time with something, maybe you might think of this and tell me how it goes? Or maybe you can think of a time that kept you in that stressed space for more than it should and you stress balled something you shouldn’t have?


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