Unlock Nostalgia with the Nose • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 16

Have you ever smelled something that transported you to another place and time?

-Maybe it was a citris scent that reminded how nice it is to be able to go to the store and pick and buy you favorite citrus.

-Maybe it was Frankincense that reminded you of a dried flower shop visited as a child.

-Maybe some Robbers essential oil will remind you of the holidays of all the past baked goods full of cinnamon.

Want to make a child happy? Put a drop of peppermint oil on a volcanic rock, or give them an empty bottle (if they are over 7) and watch how amazed they are. What’s a scent that takes you to another place and time?

Challenge Time:

Today, I tested if smelling an essential oil would help calm me through trying to to get a broken microwave to be accepted by a big box store under manufacturer warranty. I’m sceptical of thinking I can get any help with this even though customer service on the phone sounds optimistic. Just as I suspected, they don’t take anything back over 90 days, I call the protection plan and they won’t take it because it’s still under manufacturer warranty under a year. And so it looks like I made the wrong decision to buy a microwave, will not have one for awhile, and I feel even less trusting and embarrassed of this company. I felt no one would listen to me and just wanted to talk down to me. I couldn’t stop shaking. I wanted to chuck the microwave, and forget I ever wanted one.

So inhaling deeply I knew that breathing alone would probably be immensely helpful. The smell helped get me back to the present moment. Also, I was returning to a place where I could think of pleasenter things in life. Most importantly, I was now able to process more positive ideas. Thoughts including: I will get it sorted out eventually. I don’t want to make anyone’s job harder than it already is, because I know too well how that feels. I know I will miss fast rice, tea, coffee, and frozen dinners. But, now I have something I can grump about to relate with people. Maybe I can have more little bon fires and make some cowboy coffee.

Even if you don’t want to invest in special smelly things. You could take a mental note, or keep a list of observations of great smells that you come across as the seasons cycle.

Somethings can’t be helped and we know it’s going to be a bummer, but I am determined to find other ways to feel peace. What are some scents that you really like?


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