Get Back to the Good Skills • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 18

It was quite the challenge trying to figure out what I’m good at. Over time my interests change so much. It’s hard to know what to say to anyone anymore about me, except where I work and who is in my family.

Can I trust I will go and garden, though I wish to and want to talk about it with people only to be trying to work 3 jobs and keep a house clean? I have 2 associate degrees in things I have no more interest in (Graphic Design, and Industrial Technologdy). At one point I loved art and music. Now, my only hope is that all the time put in learning can be applied to something.

Getting sick does remind me of the basic skills that slowly improve with time. Scouring through websites, and checking out/buying healthy cooking books, and watching YouTube videos have helped open a new world of food and health that doesn’t come out of a box. I definitely know I could be better, but I see how much I have learned since I moved out of my parents house and it’s kinda neat to think about.

Quinoa, motherwort, celery, mint, yarrow, and dandelion

Not making any suggestions, just showing my efforts into creating a better balance so the body has what it needs for a fair fight. This is what has healed me from less painful symptoms. What you don’t see is I have forsaken my fast calorie habits (bread, chips, starchy fruit, large portions of meat, coffee…*update I can’t live without coffee*) for healthier habits like eating low glycemic foods and as much non-starchy veggies as I can chop/grate and throw in a pot to steam. The pain this time around will not be forgotten, and I will do my best not to see healthy food as too expensive.


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