Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

My favorite subject for my sons school day was reading Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. The Sheriff and his wife were talking about wanting to be great people, the Sheriff felt he had to catch Robin Hood to do that. The wife felt she needed fine clothes. So the Sheriff went to the king for advice, no dice. He asked his wife for advice and she suggested a tournament and to watch for the best archer, for that would surely be Robin. The Sheriff liked the first part of the plan, but thought they would be recognized by arriving as a band of merry men. Turns out, they all went grey man…

It is such a clever, short, enjoyable story.

For me, the moral I get out of this is that it’s not fine clothes, houses, or even getting the upper hand that make one a great person; But, listening, practice in a skill, and helping other people. What are you skillfull at, and how could that help people?


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