Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Saying Yes to an Opportunity • Dropbox Blog

In our career we are going to be bombarded with choices. I found this article very useful in sorting out what could be a fit, or an opportunity for a friend. ❤ I hope you have happy networking.

1. Am I just trying to be polite? What is attracting you to the possibility?

2. Will another opportunity come at the expense of this one? Will a better opportunity present itself?

3. Is the opportunity based on a misunderstanding? Are people seeing potential that you are not interested in?

4. Does the opportunity build to something greater? Or is it taking you further from your goals?

5. Did you accidentally already say yes? It’s ok to have a change of heart, and save the time of going down the wrong road.

There’s more discussion about these questions in the original source:

I hope this helps simplify things for me, because I often slip out the focus of the present moment. It’s probably ok when doing some mindless task like washing dishes, but not all the time because there would be missed opportunities and accidents. If only time could stand still…


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