Minerals and Subtle Energy

Thank you, Lucid Being, for this article on crystals: Psychic Roads – Crystal Energy To Empowerment.

I would like to speak briefly on my experiences with clear quartz. I keep a crystal in my pocket many times to help me remind me to stay grounded, and to remember how lucky I am. Just think of the thousands of years it took for it to grow underground all obscure and absorbing minerals and energy that made it into a geometric marvel.

Crystals have unique molecular qualities of absorbing and transmitting energy. Though I don’t know how they do it, I do know quartz are used to keep time in watches. I just notice how cold it is at first, and after my hand has warmed it up, maybe somehow my timing is more regulated?

I enjoy watching videos or reading articles about how to cleanse and recharge them (or to set an intention of what to focus on). I feel at the very least they are helpful in getting back to the present moment. And at a higher ideal, somehow I feel crystals keep memories. I could just imagine they have a rough end that is porus, and then the tip and sides are highly reflective sending light out into 12 different directions.

Are you a rock hound? Do you have a pet rock?


4 thoughts on “Minerals and Subtle Energy

  1. I have been into the healing properties of crystals and gems for many years. This is the best book I’ve found that gives the properties and characteristics of many, many stones. I think it is a reference book that has universal applications regardless of whether a person is into magic.


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