The Ice Skating Experience

When I first get there, sometimes I’m like:

Because I never know who’s going to be there, what the energy is going to be like on the ice, or who’s watching; and that can be unnerving. People skate for dates, to frolic with their friends, to show their children a great time (taking lots of pictures), and sometimes flying solo yet part if it all. I just like to remind myself of my true purpose: to feel that thermogenesis, breathe, enjoy the music, get some cardio, burn those extra carbs (so it’s kind of detoxing), get better at tricks (if it’s safe and not too crowded), and do my best not to take a tragic fall. Though I try to stay chill, I am there to expend energy. Most the time I feel it gets inertia going of having more energy and a boost in mood than when I arrived sometimes (especially at the beginning of the season).

There are certain safety traditions I keep for my comfort. So, before I even take off to go skating, I’ll put on some volleyball knee protectors, and they are ok, but not as good as some straight up hard plastic shell knee pads. It’s important to have thick enough socks, or a couple regular pair. You don’t want your feet wiggling around in your boots, so tight laces (but not contricting to circulation or chaffing) is helpful.

It’s very easy to get over zealous when an energetic song is playing, but that’s when mistakes are made and a sudden belly flop on the ice, possibly breaking a rib, is a trick no one wants to learn. So, in a way, it teaches one to be weary of your level of consiousness on the present moment.

And then!– I love focusing on the texture of the ice. That is, how the blades glide or grind across the surface. When the music and the ice are good it’s a blissful ASMR experience, because it can be felt throughout the body. The sound of the blades arching across the ice can be heard through the air, best in tandem with the beat of the song.

This is where blinders are not a friend. It’s best to look before moving anywhere, because running into people is very embarrassing. Though I don’t mind it if people run into me. I don’t give it much thought.

Sometimes a sudden break must be made. Some people like the hockey stop, and there is nothing quite like a sudden hockey stop at your blades to wake up the old ticker (heart). Lol. For me though, I go pigeon toed (heels out, toes pointed together, and leaning back with the legs putting weight on the hips). The weight on the blades through the texture of the ice creates even more intense vibrations/sounds.

Just beginning, it can be intimidating. The ice can hurt, so that demands respect. But with time, observation, and feeling things out– trust and balance is learned.


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