Why This Blog Means the World to me (Repost)


Please use the link above to support mental health. You never know who can find comfort, understanding, and hope.

Sometimes, people just want to tell their story. What has worked for them. What hasn’t. And maybe, find a way to see the silver lining.

When things get tough for me, I start reading. Reading is a bit like meditation, only you get to see through other’s eyes, and while reading, negative thoughts have no room. The Polar Writer is one of the sources that I feel help me understand human experiences, and prevent me from using my time to focus on things that do not match with good purpose.

James has really inspired me, because even when things are tough for him, he gets through them. He gets a plan. He follows through and achieves goals despite what pain may be trying to drag him down. Not only that, but he helps others feel heard and valued.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read about this.


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