What Do You Want to Remember About the Upcoming Year?

What memories do you want in your ideal year?

Is there something symbolic about this full moon, that happens to be on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

Would you like to start a fun tradition with your favorite people on a certain time of the month: like drum circles, bon fires, practicing martial arts, listening to music/movie night, or just visiting?…


Projects? Repairs?

Reading those books collecting dust?

Decluttering/cleaning goals?

Do I want to try a new sport like paintball? Ehh…prolly not. Lol.


Support other’s goals with providing vision, motivation, time/space, and listening/ideas/complements?

What positive things have replaced the outdated?

What kinds of things restore energy for you?

What kinds of things change your mood for the better?

What topics interest you?

This year, I see so much optimism for this new year. That would be nice, right? I have time to think about these things, but how to actually get it done? Sometime’s I do, and sometimes I’m like, “…, I forgot.”

What is an effective way you help yourself remember what you want to do?


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