A Scary Card

I started learning about tarot as a teen

Each card embodies a different scene

A deck : a universe in whispers

For the eye to listen and behold

This card may give you different feelings and thoughts depending on what you hold

But for me, especially 11 years ago, it felt quite ominous.

Maybe it meant I love a pieces; that is true.

Maybe it meant… I would be reflecting on things when I would rather be at peace.

The lobster could be hiding in the water staying safe, and instead is wandering around being attracted to the moon (which seems pretty fruitless), now it’s going to get eaten by a racoon, coyote, or bobcat. Just great.

But despite all that, I am okay, and without it I would have never wanted to learn to be a wiser, kinder person.

Maybe after all, the moon led the lobster to calmer waters. Just a thought.

Has there ever been an experience in your life that made you realize that you wanted to get better at something? A moment you saw a certain book, recording, video, or reading? A moment when you couldn’t help, but take a risk?


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