Thank You Thursday • To My Mother

One of Dean Graziosi’s ideas was to write thank you notes. I’m going to dedicate every Thursday for the deadline to finish a great thank you note. Then, I will share it with the world for inspiration. I have decided to write the first one to my mother because she’s the first person I met in life, and we’ve probably spent the most time hanging out.

To Mom,

First, off I’d like to share my appreciation for all the awesome meals you have created for our family. I still remember the times you spent offeringing vegetables to me. I might not have wanted to eat them right away, but they did give me a great start in life. I have attributed my confidence in gym and recess to your consistent balanced nutrition you provided. And, I feel I enjoy eating healthier because I was able to develop a taste for it.

Secondly, you make everything beautiful: the yard, the house, and you. This keeps you busy, so people come to visit you. When they see how you have arranged things and the art you have created that really lights up their world. The crafts you make from reused packaging is amazing.

Third, thank you for the talents you inspired in me. Seeing you draw made me want to draw. Seeing you sew showed me the basics of how it worked. You encouraged my reading and research. Thank you for getting me to clean my room, and inspiring me to work consistently on things. I’m sure some of those strong, skeptical, questioning qualities of yours may have rubbed off on me in subtle ways.

Finally, I want to thank you for all the fun you made. It was great having movie night, and sitting around the table chatting and being funny. And I loved those times when you put all your artistic skill into becoming Cookie the Clown. You wrote your own jokes, learned magic tricks, and everyone around you learned how to make balloon animals. I love spending Halloween (and every holiday) with you because you make every thing around you magic.


Your Daughter


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