How A Draft Bank Helped Me…(Shared Post) Plus, an Announcement

Hello fellow authors,

Check out this article by Aspiring Author.

Today a shared post is saving me, because I have been so busy studying for the test to get into a nursing program and cleaning house. And Thursday I posted 2 things. Plus, since I only have one article idea until Thursday, things may or may not be a bit slow, but that’s okay, because I am investing time into becoming a higher caliber resource.


There’s always that chance things might not work out, but I just need to remind myself that I’ll either try again, or try something similar. But they key is to keep this little fire. You guys are very lucky to hear this announcement, because I am not talking about it with anyone but my life partner and child. This is so I don’t have to debate with anyone, or cover my ears to all those naysayers trying to tell me I’m making a mistake. I know why I am doing this, and that’s enough for me.

Anyhow, when I do have more time I plan to plan my writing with more prewriting strategies, like outlines, and stuff. Aspiring Author’s idea of writing a bunch and keeping tucked away, and revised for that perfect day. Usually, I’m like “Aha!” I write like mad for so long, give a bit of time, re-read and revise so many times, publish, keep thinking about it over in my head, then freak out and revise and edit again. Nothing too bad about it, but Aspiring Authors strategy is better if you have a week where you have other obligations.

Not actual footage of me, dele–I mean editing my article.

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