Thank You Thursday • To Father

One of Dean Graziosi’s ideas was to write thank you notes. I’m going to dedicate every Thursday for the deadline to finish a great thank you note. Number two, of this series, is to my dad. I’m trying to put it into words how much he works and supports, but I know I am probably missing a bunch. But anyway, here it goes:

Dear Father,

You are the one quietly getting everything on your list done. Even though you probably already know; I just want to say that you are awesome.

First of all, you are an amazing provider. Far more than clothes, groceries, and basic expenditures you covered. I still have the dress that I had the privilege to grace the high school prom with.

Secondly, you’re a working force that builds buildings, and turns old homes into magically comfortable living spaces. Even when money was scarce, you found ways to repurpose materials. Plus, I learned how to pull nails, plaster, and paint.

Third, you were supportive of building my skills and hobbies. There was hardly a time I don’t remember having an afterschool activity. It was fun putting together electrical circuits with that science kit (especially when you helped and explained things). It was awesome fun picking out music gear. And when you gave me the wooden sword that you made for me when I was 6 or 7, that reminded me of my favorite cartoon and how I used to go outside and pretend sword fight.

In the beginning, there were times you had to work three jobs, so you could go to college and get your family started. But, after you finally got that great job you had been searching for you were able to keep moving up in the company. It was great getting to share time in the afternoons, evenings, weekends, and vacations. We got to go boating and fishing. I liked to watch you work on the car. You taught me how to check the fluids, and lots of other technical stuff that sounded like Chinese. I think we saw just about every season and episode of Star Trek.

And finally, it’s great getting to talk to you. You have lots of jokes. You have great advice on getting things done. You are very good at explaining things. And you are the type of person that gives people energy to be able to do more in life.

Truly Blessed,

Your Daughter


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