The Nicest Things

No one can compete in the nice department with my parents. They have shared so much of their time, resources, and wisdom with me. They are the most selfless people and I hadn’t realized that growing up.

Back before internet, and if I could not quench my curiosity with my collection of books, I asked lots questions. We would talk of origins of objects in the universe, ghosts, aliens, history, minerals, bugs, movies, current events, religion, and psychology. They no doubt sparked my interest in learning and had high expectations for me.

They inspired me to think about being an architect. I got to watch my dad remodel a couple of the homes we lived in. My mom would draw up the plans, they would go and buy all the materials and we’d knock out the lattice and plaster. They would talk over which beams they wanted to keep and which ones to remove, and which ones to add. My dad would do all the measuring (and remeasuring), cutting, insulation, electrical work, and nailing together. And my mom and I would plaster over the drywall and paint.

My parents were also busy with fun things as well. We went boating for a few years. The old little speedboat still sits in the forest in the back yard reminding me of those exausting tubing adventures, evaporating in the summer sun, and going fishing. We had fun visiting museums, zoos, and going roller skating.

My mom got me to push my limits on drawing. In first grade I was almost frustrated to tears trying to learn to draw from a drawing book. I felt if I could see what was in mind and project it on to the paper, and with enough patience for my hand to keep coordination I could draw whatever I imagined. But my mom gave me some strategies on tool use and remembering observations from other drawings. Later in college I would practice drawing what I see, and finding a way to fill up the page with a perpective, plus gesture drawings.

While we worked there was always music playing, and my dad let me play his guitar. We would sing country songs in the car together, or I would ask figurative questions like, “Why can’t humans fly?” But he replied, “We are right now. In this car, even though we are only a foot off the ground.” And he would quiz me on all the US units and how they converted to other units including some metric.

My mom made homemade Halloween costumes for me and my grandma. We made lots of crafts together with different kinds of clay like salt dough and paper mache. And I really liked to watch her make decorations, dolls, and carasol horses.

So many times my parents brought my brother and I shopping. And I loved to watch and help my mom cook. We were never in want of food, clothing, or utility. They are the best parents a human could ever ask for.


Healing Chakras

Reading about chakras has kept me interested to continue learning more about them because I see how they effect our health and well being. Experience for yourself how thinking, learning, and reading about chakras can help you achieve a bit more peace each time you find yourself out of sorts.

This book explains what chakras are and their relationship to consciousness in the spiritual dimension. Each Chakra has an *endocrine system and organs it has effects on. The book is full of symbols and associations that bring a deeper awareness to healing. This book is a great reference book when you need to remember to take time to meditate, affirm yourself, and protect/seal energies.

What is your favorite source about chakras?

*Endocrine system: where hormones are produced and released.

Getting Lost

Today I brought my family to a corn maze. It was fun just to let the 10 year old adventure around leading us through the maze on occasion imparting the logic we had noticed. Some of the corn was twice as tall as us. Another fun thing that made it fun is that there were checkpoints with trivia questions from around 6 genres to choose from. It was fun when it was time to close my eyes to sleep, I could still remember going through the maze.

It Was Just One Piece of Pie

Because it was my birthday celebration, I felt obliged, yet in awe to eat of something I had never seen before: A fluffy jiggly hot pink strawberry cream pie with granola crust. And, it was awesome! Halfway through eating it was trivia time, “Try to guess what I used to make it?”


“No, marshmallows…”

Well, at this point I might as well enjoy this pie. This is only different for me because I have issues from eating dairy and sugar. Such a great hello and goodbye. I didn’t regret it, until the next day, and the next morning. But I can heal and get back from those symptoms.

One of these days I am going to get this right and learn when to get out of the dining area. I would be happy with a granny smith apple for desert. All the effort folks put in to food make it soo magical. Left to my own devices, though, I like food just the way it grew.

Of course there’s always eggs, almond flour, and shredded nonsweetened coconut, or eggs and shredded sweet potato, or even eggs and fried onions and some other chopped veggies…

Is there something that you can not eat without consequences? How do you deal in those times?

Radiolab: On Air | WNYC Studios | Podcasts

This radio show changed my perspective. It’s basically scientific evidence for the “fake it until you make it” concept. It’s good to have clear vision, and one can use concepts from minimalism to prioritize their reality.

The most essential part is the last 10 minutes.

Were you able to listen to that last part? How do you think this concept could be useful?

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

My favorite subject for my sons school day was reading Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. The Sheriff and his wife were talking about wanting to be great people, the Sheriff felt he had to catch Robin Hood to do that. The wife felt she needed fine clothes. So the Sheriff went to the king for advice, no dice. He asked his wife for advice and she suggested a tournament and to watch for the best archer, for that would surely be Robin. The Sheriff liked the first part of the plan, but thought they would be recognized by arriving as a band of merry men. Turns out, they all went grey man…

It is such a clever, short, enjoyable story.

For me, the moral I get out of this is that it’s not fine clothes, houses, or even getting the upper hand that make one a great person; But, listening, practice in a skill, and helping other people. What are you skillfull at, and how could that help people?

Woo Sahh • Anxiety Challenge 20

This day’s challenge is to figure out how to deactivate or neutralize anxieties that were identified the other day. An ordeal can show us important observations. While I was was trying to mind my job one day, my heart feeling like it was frying in a skillet, I remembered an article that I had read. That people who were mindful of their breathing during tough times were found to have more complex brains. I noticed I was not breathing and my focus switched to take a slow deep breath and feeling my lungs stretch as I fill them with air. I could literally feel the pain dissolving from my chest.

Another thing that helped me over time is following an anti-candida diet. Which is basically eating as healthy as possible. The beginning phases may seem too stringent, but it’s only to allow the immunity to focus on the dysbiosis than the molds in foods. This time I got sick I knew I would need to get a more up to date book, so bought The Ultimate Candida Cleanse Diet, by Lisa Richards and Dr. Eric Wood, which was an alright price that includes two other books. One a picture filled recipe book with easy directions, and the other book on beating stress. I know as the months go by I will heal and feel at peace, like I have my sunshine shining warm nice feelings. My thoughts will be more helpful and kind because of the kindness I have shown myself.

As for my money situation I guess I will look around for another opportunity and think about it as one would with chess. I also like to watch YouTube videos on online business and minimalism.

And Finally, just writing helps me feel differently. Once I get it out, and people actually like my writing with which I hope I can make it helpful and not too much of a rant. I feel… happy.

I wrote down all symptoms related to my issue and made a tally from my current symptoms which I will do each Friday to make a health chart.