Slow Down on Social Media • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 6

So–I avoided social media all day on the 24th. I have read articles that the more someone uses social media, the more apt they are to have anxiety. We probably all have found ourselves in an awful argument over politics, health, or that one detail. We end up wishing we never bothered countering. And, it is a bit unnerving wondering if anyone will understand your post, think, “What a jerk…”, or even see it. But, I realize it’s not that important, it’s just for a bit of fun, and to share something helpful.

Sometimes I will see people get bent out of shape for not getting any reactions. But, many people don’t realize that there posts are being seen and reacted to. Here are some reasons people might not react directly on your post:

– They don’t want to seem disagreeable

-too tired

-not interested

-doesn’t want anyone to see them comment on a certain issue

-don’t have time

-they know they cannot do anything about it

-couldn’t think of a funny pun

-they will start their own post about it later

-and many more…

What are some ways you try to avoid social anxiety on social media, or if you see people from your social media group at the grocery store or wherever?


Who Knew Water is the Most Important Thing Ever? • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 4

I learned today I need to be more mindful of keeping hydrated. :/

Well, one way I went wrong is I didn’t fill up my water bottle in the morning, or purchase any water early in the day. I sipped a couple cups of water upon waking thinking of all the great articles I was going to upload about foods that help hydrate. (

Then reality smacked me in the face and it was off to the rat races to earn that cash.

Instead of happily drinking a couple drinks of water at smart intervals of every hour or so, I realized around noon, after no water at all, I was developing a headache and was thirsty. I tried to think what I was going to do about it and decided upon taking sips from both my hands put together in between cleaning houses (so I wouldn’t dirty anything as I was quickly trying to get things done).

At lunch time I got some sunflower seeds and grapefruit in a cup (lightly sweetened to my detriment because I have always had issues with candida probably because I had an almost deadly case of lead poisoning as a child and there were long stretches of time I could have treated myself better.)

After that house I stopped by my man’s work and he gave me some water. Then I went to another rental stretching out my head, neck, and shoulders breathing deeply and intermittently holding my breath trying to work out my head neck and shoulder pains. I weeded grass in the sidewalk and borders, did some watering after I felt the soil was dry and felt extremely guilty when I saw the round evergreen bushes were loosing there chemical immunity to spider mites due to deydration–I think anyway. Next, I sprayed a natural cleaning oil on the balding arborvitaes, which by the way are starting to bounce back from shaking off the dead evergreen leaves by stroking with the branches like it’s a furry four legged friend, and spritzing water into the foliage. Finally, I pulled out the invasive plants.

As we headed home I puchased some water and offered him some sunflower seeds and water.

My boyfriend went to get kale/Olive oil for me and a sandwich for my son, and I’m heating up corn and Quinoa for dinner. I do hope I can get this headache to go away.

What are some of the craziest things you have done to get hydrated?

Gotta do what ya’ gotta do.

A hydrading meal after a long day of work.

Resource to convince us all to drink water:

Here’s the original link for the 21 day anxiety challenge:

Be Present in Worlds of Color • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 2

Why would any adult color in coloring book? Why wouldn’t anyone color? Humans thousands of years ago left their stories on cave walls. And at the very least, studies show coloring helps calm the nerves. ( Towards the end of this though I was getting kind of impatient. I couldn’t stop thinking about the people I should go visit, Picking tomatoes, or seeing how my mom is doing.

One thing I noticed though, is that when my son was getting upset while playing Fort Night and he decided to give up. I invited him to color in the new coloring book I got for him. He had a pretty good time. And was saying, “Who made these pictures? I hope they didn’t get underpaid, because this is a lot of work. Only an alien could color one of these”.

And I said, “Yet here we are, two humans coloring in a coloring book. (Just like when I was a kid and Grandma colored with me 🙂

The Benefits of Going Outside • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 1

Anxiety is the ruiner of relationships, careers, and health. So lets take a little time each day to confront and comfort anxiety. Sure sometimes it’s possible to find something to do to forget about it, but sooner or later…. It’s just no fun to be alone with a bunch of anxiety and no way to deal with it. But thankfully, people write so many great ideas on this topic.

Today the family played mini golf outside, and my son got to drive a golf cart. I got some vitamin D. My son said he was so full of happiness, he was overjoyed. 🙂

I went outside to eat my baked potato and my one chicken, who is naturally an awkward but cute creature made me laugh as she kept peeking at me from behind the gas tank. Then she saw my baked potato. 🙂

What do you do outside?