I finally got 8 hours of sleep this week. Drop the confetti, “Yay!!!” The commons simulated in the unconscious receiving fabrics in my skull had something to say, though I don’t want to agree I have that problem, and I could feel my arms and neck tensing and my neck hurts, probably inflammation from my immunity –I guess. There is still a good lesson in here somewhere, though. The scene was basically driving around the country under the pretence of picking something up before work, I was surprised to end up in town to pick up my son, “How did this road lead to here?”

Anyway, the real value was the song on the radio. I hated it, “You just want my shell…” Blah!…

I understand that we can mentally catagorize ourselves under 3 types of beingness: Mind, body, spirit : father, son, and holy ghost : Higher Self, Middle Self, Animal : Superego, Ego, Id : etc. And they are different from person to person. Some individuals may have a very naughty or angry child self (from neglect or being chastised) that seeks to sabotage the unity, and some people may deny any higher ideals leaving them lost without guidance.

But, here’s something new I learned revisiting Quaker history by reading to my son about it: that we are one whole package, this is labeled as physicality. I never thought about Quakers in my life too much, but I could relate with the quake, and how it makes one a better person. Reading about them, I learned something new–they are named Quakers because they quake at the word of God. They are also interpreters of the bible, meaning, they see it as a guiding words (not a pledge of loyalty) from the inner lights of others. They don’t go by the Bible as literal as the Puritans did.

My son asked me, “Do you believe in God?” He had to ask that because we go to church on occasion to learn something new, but I generally don’t talk about it. But I quickly responded, “yes, but not like anyone might think, that he is so personified, but that it is ingrained in our design. I don’t know about consiousness after death. It makes sense to me that the only reason I am a seeing, thinking, doing being is that I have a body with which allows me to.” And reflecting on my dream, I have knowledge, but apparently something in my brain likes to contradict it. I have no doubt other creatures can pick up on my perceptions through hearing, smelling, seeing, symbols, empathy, and perhaps even psychometry (knowing things from feeling). And we all have these abilities, they just need to be developed through practice and perhaps using a scientific method. But, we probably just use these tools in a much subtler fashion, as intuition, to make decisions of preference or trying to figure out what might have made someone upset.


Questions to Ask to See How Well Grounded

• What qualities would help you be more patient with yourself and others?

• What do you feel is missing in your support system?

• Do you have your bases covered such as shelter, food, water, and the ability to obtain what you need in times of crisis?

• Do you feel that you need to change anything in your life for your dreams to come true?

As I was reading The Complete Guide to Chakras, by Ambika Wauters, I felt compelled to spend some time answering these questions while listening to some root chakra meditation music. Then, I watched a couple videos I had never seen about balancing this chakra.

Finally, I watched one on transmuting excess/pent up energy into something useful. Those things included aggressive exercise (punching a punching bag), cardio (walking, running, dancing), relaxing exercise (yoga, tai chi, balance, skill) meditation (like observing and letting go of thoughts), doing something creative (abstract painting, music), having fun (climbing, boating…), and meditating on feeling the energy rising back up to the heart chakra.

I like these questions because they get me thinking about the practical things I already know. I can use these questions to intuitively infer how to help myself in difficult situations. And finally, I can see what I need to study to create a more peaceful, structured, secure, furfilling life for myself. And I liked the last video because maybe I’ll think of something like these things to put into my schedule. For now it’s walking around my house minimizing clutter. There really is no limit to the amount of answers to these questions, each one being helpful in different given situations.

Healing Chakras

Reading about chakras has kept me interested to continue learning more about them because I see how they effect our health and well being. Experience for yourself how thinking, learning, and reading about chakras can help you achieve a bit more peace each time you find yourself out of sorts.

This book explains what chakras are and their relationship to consciousness in the spiritual dimension. Each Chakra has an *endocrine system and organs it has effects on. The book is full of symbols and associations that bring a deeper awareness to healing. This book is a great reference book when you need to remember to take time to meditate, affirm yourself, and protect/seal energies.

What is your favorite source about chakras?

*Endocrine system: where hormones are produced and released.

10 Minutes of Meditation • Anxiety Challenge Day 8

Have you ever tried a guided meditation? Search for a useful one that you need. After you listen, then you will know a new meditation and can go solo with it when ever you have time to sit down to rest, and if the meditation is just basic relecting/thinking then maybe while washing or chores. Just avoid changing breathing or visualizing while driving because it can make one light-headed, forgetful, and you might not see something important in the present moment (like a pedestrian or motorcycle). Listed below are some different types of meditations. When you open your eyes and move on to your next task you’ll notice you feel more relaxed and clear minded than before.

Observe the breath, try different breathing techniques. Deep breathing dissolves bad feelings, provides mitochondria with oxygen to make energy more efficiently, helps nervous system function better, and balances ph levels in body fluids by releasing carbon dioxide.

Observe thoughts as they pop up How do they make you feel? Are they true? What would you say if a child said them to you?

Observe feelings in parts of your being. What can you do to feel better?

Comfort inner child

Meet a guide

Aura cleanse. Clean away energies no longer of service to being. Every organ has it’s own energy. The endocrine system relates to chakras, each hormone secreting gland controls different aspects of the being.

Sheild yourself. We all want to help others, but ask questions and descipher why a person is trying to make their problems known to you. What do the want from you? Would following their wishes get you in trouble? Prevent yourself from getting used. Create an imaginary filter around your energies to prevent other’s negative energy from effecting your energy.

Unattatch from nonuseful/hurtful ideas, things, people, identities

-Find a purpose

-play out cause and effects.

-Visualize solutions

Strenthen focus and working memory. Practice math like multipling double digits, or division. I split the number by it’s place values and imagine the numbers on each axis of a graph, or window. For example 11 x 11 becomes 10+1×1+10, and using the distributive property multiply 1×1+1×10+1×10+10×10=121. The more you practice remembering these numbers to solve the problems the stronger your focus can be. I have observed that it can be used like a thermometer to test how I am doing as well, since there will be days or times I can think more clearly than others.

Empathize. Put yourself in another’s shoes and try to imagine how they feel. Then call them and ask them some questions about it and see if you were right.

“The greatest relationship you can have is the one with yourself”–Somebody said that. (More self love quotes: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-mindful-self-express/201210/the-50-best-quotes-self-love)