The Focus is on my Self Help

Sooo, I’ve been reading. Very good stuff. 🙂 Well–not all of it… But I see how it is related. We’ll just say it’s self help kind of material.

I will not use anyone’s name. Events will be low key just to show positive or important things. Please let me know if it is helpful.

If you want to respond, please comment or use the contact page. If you are talking about my issues on other platforms besides WordPress, then it will be assumed unrelated.

Well, I realized I’m not going to be making money with this blog, not at least until I do much more research on getting traffic. But I feel this is just my therapy right now. It’s kind of like a memoir. I promise myself that I will just make it about myself. I am the mast in my situations.

I would like to think I can augment my mental toolbox to include better coping, healing, and getting on with living a good life.