Candida Fighting Carrot Cake Porridge

This warm breakfast option looks delicious. It is made with oat bran, roasted buckwheat, carrots, and coconut flakes. I hope I can find some of these ingredients.


Getting Lost

Today I brought my family to a corn maze. It was fun just to let the 10 year old adventure around leading us through the maze on occasion imparting the logic we had noticed. Some of the corn was twice as tall as us. Another fun thing that made it fun is that there were checkpoints with trivia questions from around 6 genres to choose from. It was fun when it was time to close my eyes to sleep, I could still remember going through the maze.

It Was Just One Piece of Pie

Because it was my birthday celebration, I felt obliged, yet in awe to eat of something I had never seen before: A fluffy jiggly hot pink strawberry cream pie with granola crust. And, it was awesome! Halfway through eating it was trivia time, “Try to guess what I used to make it?”


“No, marshmallows…”

Well, at this point I might as well enjoy this pie. This is only different for me because I have issues from eating dairy and sugar. Such a great hello and goodbye. I didn’t regret it, until the next day, and the next morning. But I can heal and get back from those symptoms.

One of these days I am going to get this right and learn when to get out of the dining area. I would be happy with a granny smith apple for desert. All the effort folks put in to food make it soo magical. Left to my own devices, though, I like food just the way it grew.

Of course there’s always eggs, almond flour, and shredded nonsweetened coconut, or eggs and shredded sweet potato, or even eggs and fried onions and some other chopped veggies…

Is there something that you can not eat without consequences? How do you deal in those times?

Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

My favorite subject for my sons school day was reading Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. The Sheriff and his wife were talking about wanting to be great people, the Sheriff felt he had to catch Robin Hood to do that. The wife felt she needed fine clothes. So the Sheriff went to the king for advice, no dice. He asked his wife for advice and she suggested a tournament and to watch for the best archer, for that would surely be Robin. The Sheriff liked the first part of the plan, but thought they would be recognized by arriving as a band of merry men. Turns out, they all went grey man…

It is such a clever, short, enjoyable story.

For me, the moral I get out of this is that it’s not fine clothes, houses, or even getting the upper hand that make one a great person; But, listening, practice in a skill, and helping other people. What are you skillfull at, and how could that help people?

Hygge as a Productivity Tool • Chill the Anxiety Challenge 14

Hygge is a Danish word that talks about enjoying a cozy moment. So I’m thinking ugly sweaters, hot cocoa, tea, making a good meal. But it’s also planning the day/week/month, making a vision board, calling a friend to see how they are doing, taking the time to enjoy a holiday, or sitting in the dining room with family. We may even have been doing something great to ease anxiety, and didn’t even know how easy it could be. I love Susan’s 12 ways of enjoying Hygge.

Starting out on my own college, work, and hours of video games filled up my routine, but I did check out the beach, local art gallery, and go for walks in the woods. I still do walk and run around outside. And today I did lots of reading, writing, and talking with my boyfriend.

So now I am going to think about how hygge can be productivity tool in my routine. I can only hope it can help me decide from the 100s of things bothering me to do, but I struggle to even have a clean house. Maybe a hygge reward for cohabitants who help me can be used as a reward; or just something to get us to all take a break from the usual screen time. I guess this is a simple reminder to not feel so guilty when stopping to smell the flowers.

“If you are lonely the best vitamin to make friends is B1” –Anonymous

(Easier said than done, I know 😉

100 Things

I love this post about finding 100 things to like about one’s self. Chelsea wrote this in the Bipolar Mental Health Blog. If you find yourself being critical give it a try. I wanted to inspire others with some ideas incase they were having trouble thinking of anything. Are some of these traits you are glad you have as well?

1. Help when possible.

2. Can read.

3. Can write.

4. Enjoy going for a run.

5. Can make someone laugh.

6. Work a job.

7. Keep bills paid.

8. Keep a car maintained.

9. Clean the house.

10. Don’t let other’s opinion define my self.

11. Strive to act with integrity.

12. Happy when others succeed.

13. Seek to comfort.

14. Not judgmental, unless slighted.

15. Still and observant.

16. Can speak in front of crowds.

17. Like to challenge myself.

18. Can cook.

17. Basic knowledge of local plants and their status of edibility and how to prepare.

18. Like to do math.

19. Can plant perennial flowers like irises, mint, oregano, yucca, daylillies, and hostas and they survive.

20. People have paid me money to plant flowers, remove unwanted plants, and spread mulch.

21. Can drive.

22. Feel appreciated by my partner.

23. Appreciate the help of my partner.

24. Cares for pets by providing food and fresh water every day.

25. Can accept my mistakes, avoid them in the future, and warn others so they might prevent the same fate from happening again.

26. In control of my choices.

27. Can organize my priorities and get things done

28. Can identify problems coming up over the horizon and plan accordingly with what resources available.

29. Like to learn new words from other languages.

30. Like to learn about other cultures.

31. Not attached to material things.

32. Take steps to share things I no longer need.

33. Know when and why anger/fear happens, and how to let it go so it doesn’t get in the way of problem solving.

34. Better at saying no without getting stuck in an unwinnable argument.

35. Have stopped over explaining so much.

36. Considerate of others as much as possible for what I am focusing on.

37. Take care of myself.

38. Make healthy choices.

39. Can hear and listen.

40. Worthy to feel dignity.

41. Can accept myself, and be at peace.

42. Don’t have to prove anything outlandish to anyone.

43. Don’t compare myself to anyone.

44. Can enjoy the profound things that people learn.

45. Can do 4 pull ups (not to be confused with dooing in 4 pull-ups, I’ll do that much later).

46. Can do dips.

47. Can do lots of push ups.

48. No longer feel the need to wear push ups.

49. Enjoys the moment

50. Enjoy hating music that cannot be escaped from.

51. Can appreciate new and old music.

52. Have reduced my fossil fuel use, trying to stick to just necessity.

53. Stays out of arguing about politics.

54. Stays motivated, for the most part.

55. Can find things to be interested in.

56. Doesn’t sleep in as horribly as I used to.

57. Seek to improve myself, never giving up on myself.

58. Have hope that I can get better at organizing my time.

59. People pay me to clean.

60. People are impressed with how I keep items stocked during a breakfast buffet.

61. Can type fairly quickly and accurately.

62. Have learned to write better by coaching my son in school.

63. Seeing old aquaintances is a happy discovery for me.

64. Celebrate even small achievements.

65. Can remember my dreams.

66. Still believe in magic.

67. Still read to my son.

68. Love to roller skate and ice skate.

69. Learning to ask more questions to understand things better and help people feel included.

70. I am mindful to keep healthy eye habits such as going for walks without glasses, nutrition, and proper eye rest.

71. I don’t keep stereotypes or opinions outside of context. I keep the benefit of the doubt until I get proof.

72. Pretty good at keeping a budget.

73. Pretty good with logic.

74. Curious

75. Can tolerate some cold.

76. Don’t limit myself.

77. More open to feedback or contructive criticism.

78. Keep a growth mindset.

79. Seek to create unique content while enjoying a conversation with others.

80. Understand how to use AdSense.

81. Could do better with AdSense

82. Have empathy.

83. Am patient.

84. Know how to ask for help in a way others feel needed.

85. Was able to create heat in a thermophilic compost pile.

86. Know the proper technique for kicks, punches, and blocks.

87. Know yoga

88. Understand scales, chords, and music notation.

89. Can keep rhythm on a djembe.

90. Won’t criticize anyone for saying djembe wrong (did that once, it sucked)

91. Always forgive, but don’t always trust.

92. Learned to state expectations.

93. Have worked to understand people better.

94. Give hugs everyday

95. Believe everyone matters.

96. Seek to know thyself

97. Seek to keep the 8 noble paths of buddism

98. Religiously tolerant, but knows to not get used.

99. Love flying spaghetti man.

100. …that one’s a secret. 😉

Meditation • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 13

Cleaning and being observant of my thoughts I learned that being bullied in highschool really hurt and sometimes still does. Perhaps a helpful thing would be being ready for that moment when someone is thoughtless with their comments about what so and so stepped in we can remind them that they are not part of that issue. To the person suffering humiliation I would hope that someone would tell them that they are still valuable person. The past is past.

Say No to Bullies

How to spot if your child is being bullied, how to support them, and how to document the incidents (

Whenever noticing emotional trouble, ask: what’s going on with the breath? Is tension or deep far away thinking getting in the way of getting a good balance of air supply? One may think automatic emotional responses are reactions that can’t be avoided, but the breath is the key to controling unconscious involuntary processes because it is the one gear in the machine that is controlled conciously as well as unconciously and it has an effect on so many other gears like the brain, heart, nervous system, mitochondria, circulation, etc. It feels like changing the dial and getting to a better channel on the inside. I like to imagine all my little mitochondrias lighting up, and getting stoked up like blowing on embers in a bon fire, and blowing out is letting out a bit of smoke and steam, helping detox byproducts of past inputs.

The dragon is a symbol of the most primative part of our brains.

Controlling My Misophonia

One innocuous day eating breakfast with my brother I was so irritated with hearing him eat, and I was very rude to him. Years later, I started seeing the word misophonia on social media, but used in a funny context. I felt horrible how I treated my brother that day, so I just couldn’t share in their humor. I guess I had lots of social/mood issues I was failing at addressing. And since I was oblivious to those, then I really didn’t feel like declaring being part of any misophonia club. There were times I enjoyed just reading, going on dates, playing video games, college, working, and keeping to myself and not really addressing these problems. Maybe I was thinking about career ideas, Neopets, and Sims. I think having a conversation makes it disappear anyhow. As long as I could keep the airwaves and my brain full of ideas and things to do, then it really didn’t bother me.

But I notice if I am upset about something else, then I have to take steps to relax. It’s like acid under pressure rising up from my chest. I have to remember that I make noises too when I eat and it does not bother me. I remember that I never want to make any one feel bad and risk looking like a horrible person. I remind myself that this moment will pass. I will find something else to focus on. When I open my eyes again my boyfriend and son are looking at me with curiosity, and also feeling grateful for the good food they are chewing. All is well again.