Much Ado About Vegetables

I imagine that I am going to walk right into that kitchen and chef the heck out of some veggies and just eat them. Shovel those things like it’s my job. Then I walk into the kitchen and my mood is like blah…

Good Brain Cell: We really need to eat more vegetables.

Apathetic Brain cell: There’s powdered carrot in this birthday cupcake. 🙂

Quality Control Brain Cell: These green beans don’t look so good. 😦

Thirsty Brain Cell: There’s vegetables in tea. 🙂

Tired Brain Cell: …Can’t lift bag of kale…

Adventurous Brain Cell: Let’s just go get some motherwort from the back yard.

Blind brain cell: Let’s boil these beets and forget all about them.

Grumpy Brain Cell: We don’t have time for this, just grab something and let’s go!

Now, I need to just clear everything, and start over on a new week.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around how I can turn a bucket of food scraps into this;

Without attracting too many rodents (I know local cats and a certain red shouldered hawk do not mind, but my human neighbors might).

And then I start imagining how I’m going to go outside and start planning out garden beds, and getting soil prepared, allwhile being like Wim Hof:

(As I’m in my house shivering at 65°F looking out my back door)

I slowly get little steps done between a full time job, helping my son with homeschooling, ice skating, cleaning, social media, and uh… etc. How is your vegetable planning going?


Thank You • Steps for Self Respect

Thank you, Carine De Lozier, author of Unsent Letters, for sharing a post of this You Tube video on understanding BPD (borderline personality disorder). I like your blog because it is full of ideas for feeling better. I thouroughly find Katie Morton’s YouTube videos helpful and healing.

Steps for Self Respect

1. Notice times of bad behavior

2. You have the right to remove yourself from the situation

3. We have the right to say no

4. Trust we have the insight to decide what is healthy.

5. Stick with respecting yourself. What do you love about yourself?

Robin Williams’ widow: ‘It was not depression’ that killed him | Film | The Guardian

Around midnight my boyfriend coaxed me from bed to watch a late night show interview with Robin Williams from a time when he was almost done with filming Hook. He was trying to get me to say why it was so amazing, but I was so tired I could barely understand what was being said between his exited commentation and the stream of this very old show.

“Look what he’s talking about; He’s too smart! Look how the host fake laughs, he doesn’t even give him time to quit talking.” Even Robin Williams commented how the audience was qued to laugh at the wrong time. Robin was joking about George Bush inviting a trucker to train to be a supreme court justice, and how the American nuclear industry partially started with German engineers giving up their technology laying around in there labs. The host was literally wiping his eyes and quietly giving the bird. This was all strange to me, and I couldn’t understand Robin’s inside jokes of suddenly going to dolphin mode trying to get a fish. My guy asked me to think of the similarities and differences of one our friends (who shares about global & federal conspiracy) and Robin. And after much time and deliberation, my sleepy mind finally tripped over it. Robin was trying to wake people up(Johnny Carson, 1991,

An Adult Version of the Cartoon “Rocko’s Modern Life”

I laughed and sometimes cringed in horror. John Callahan was paralyzed in a DUI car accident and started drawing cartoons. Now he has a whole cartoon seasons available for free on YouTube (

And soon there will be a movie about his life starring Jack Black called, “Don’t Worry” (