My Super Hero Name

One day my boyfriend said he was playing a game with all his friends. The deal is finding your super hero name based on what you’re afraid of, and then your gender. I decided upon Man Woman.

Oddly enough, I do gravitate towards not being that feminine. Sometimes it looks strange when I wear something feminine. Maybe it’s the short hair, I don’t know. It just doesn’t look right.

Most of my pants I got from my boyfriend, and I think they look great as opposed to the current jegging style. I have a pair of generic black ones, and they’re not too bad. Anyways, it’s just a costume.

My superpowers just might be inuition, cleaning up, independence, or my fluid nuetral nature. I’m passively positive, etc.

Maybe I should rename my name Love Woman, Social Woman, or better yet: Awkward Person (lol). Thinking for a long time about it, I’m not really afraid of dudes. It’s just easy to blank out when put on the spot. I know am far from being only one of few who feels anxiety. Maybe you already understand that the most painful pain comes from the inside, even though now I just find myself laughing about odd stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe I am afraid of everyone in general. I want to give a helping hand to someone who falls down, but I just kinda hover about trying to see if that would be appropriate. It’s terrifying to just jump right in and be like, “Here I’ll help you,” because I know it is very possible I’ll be met with a,

“Leave me alone, I got it!”

And that would be awkward.

Do you have any tips for getting the brain back and working again?


Identify Anxieties • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 19

Most of the time I am pretty easy going. Generally, I try not to think about things that make me anxious, though I feel that is life. For relevance I will stick to the big things I know probably effect my health or have some sort of relationship to my health.

This is the weirdest anxiety I feel, I can’t understand. It’s a bit like Squidward refusing to eat a Krabby Patty and then one day he eats one, and he loves it and doesn’t want anyone to know, so he tries to go to work early to sneak into the Krabby Patty vault (which only exists in that episode) and SpongeBob catches him, but can’t stop Squidward from inhaling Krabby Patties and exploding from eating too many.

I’m always trying to eat healthy and somehow some other article gets me confused and it sets me back. Sweet potatoes are sweet, but I read about how they are healthy for diebetics and somehow thought that was ok. It’s not really. It’s not on the list for the first phase in any candida diet. But for now I will just glad I got some calories. Before I got sick I thought I was managing things well, but I made a lot of mistakes.

Money is a huge anxiety. I start to figure out how to make more money, but yeah… usually I end up asking my boyfriend for help with food, and then later remind me he helped me with that. I guess all I can say is thank you.

Seeing my boyfriend make a mistake causes anxiety too. Sometimes I don’t know how to word things so they sound helpful. Sometimes he is so tired. And I can understand that. Lately I’ve been trying to understand what is going on with him. I ask questions, and try to inspire him to see different perspectives. But most of the day I’m just trying to be helpful and appreciative. I ask that he keeps trying. I have seen how making an effort to do 3 or so nice things a day for my son has helped him because he puts more effort into doing a good job at school, so I try to me mindful and helpful to see if that will work for my boyfriend too.

I Can Stress Ball Anything • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 15

I grabbed a piece of paper and stress balled it, that is I smashed it into a ball. I had seen guys do this in my teens, and now I feel part of the ranks of people with a legit coping mechanism. And maybe that’s why art like sculpture is so theraputic.

I had acid in my heart from a guest’s sharp words,

“Why are big dogs allowed in a hotel?” She was the third complaint already, honestly I could here the dog’s crying from the hallway on the first floor when the dog was on the 2nd floor!

Flashes of big beautiful dogs I had met here flashed through my mind. Infact they were the highlight of my day, “We’re a pet friendly hotel.”

“I would not have rented this room for $149 if I knew there would be dogs here.”

“I just called them, they are 5 minutes from getting back”

“I don’t want to hear a dog barking all night!”

“They will be here to comfort him, so he will not bark all night.

“You sure about that?”


I doubted that smashing anything into a ball would help, but I noticed that uncomfortable feeling went away. Maybe it would have went away even without crumpling something, but maybe it helped me get back to center quicker, that is get back from my angryness to present moment. The moral of the story is that I have to ask everyone with a dog not to leave them alone before hand.

Stress Ballin’ in the garden:

Step one find a specimen. It could in the wrong spot, have a nice smell, or just need trimming. A catalpa plant sprouts prolificately and no one can coppice quickly and chaotically. It’s shady tough tenacious nature makes it a fun tree species to watch grow throughout the seasons.

Step 2 grab a bit.

Strep 3: Crush the fricks out of it, notice how it smells.

Step 4, put it in the garden as mulch or compost. Or if it’s edible, maybe you’d like to make tea?

My sad abandoned garden.

If you are having a tough time with something, maybe you might think of this and tell me how it goes? Or maybe you can think of a time that kept you in that stressed space for more than it should and you stress balled something you shouldn’t have?

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you:

Wow, this is a happy surprise! I was looking for a way to express my gratitude to DM (Author of Pointless-Overthinking) before the nomination of this award, because I can tell he puts so much time, thought, and commitment into finding new blogs to read, follow, and welcome bloggers to his comment community. He reads every comment and gives thoughtful feedback. Reading the post on the award, I learned he studied psychology in college. Now I understand a bit more how much time and interest he has put into having very insightful content that is helpful, and I look forward to his daily posts.

My Why:

I’m gathering every resource that I can, and running with the most accessable tools to get someone I care about into rehab and counseling while getting my poop in a scoop, letting him know that I will get counseling too. I like the Action on Addiction Facebook group I found from

Through this website they suggested building a social support system, but I’m too afraid to talk about the anxieties I have to people I know, because I don’t want to end up with people making me feel trite and avoiding me because now everything seems awkward. I would rather have someone who is genuinely interested to read my story to be able to get help from these experiences as well. This site is also for those who have good information to share in their blog or in the comments.

Are you new and looking to expand traffic to your site?

I suggest remembering to go to post settings and adding “tags” of 4-15 of the most important words people might put into a search engine to find your content, just imagine you are deciding the words that belong in an index at the back of a textbook so people can easily flip to that topic. Naming categories also helps if you want to edit your menu bar so subjects in your content can be found easier.

A second piece of advice would be to sign up for WordPress’s Blog University. They will send you a quick article each day to give you all the tips to expand traffic. For example day one encourages to set up 3 goals for your website. This could be starting a weekly tradition, sharing a certain amount of other WordPress Authors pages, commiting to reading other word press pages and commenting/liking, and commiting to a minimum amount of posts in a week or day. Doing these things will make you more visable on WordPress outside of search results.

Bloggers of Recognition:

These are the bloggers I would like to recognize that have excellent content that can make a difference in our lives, and I also want to say thank you for their time reading some of this blog:

1. James Edgar Skye Thank you for letting us see into the struggles and seccesses of those with Bi-polar. Your blog reminds me that it fulfills similar methods that other cultures might use in feeling better. They appear to be more respectful and regard some states of mental health as part of a process of becoming healers. Even non diagnosed apparently normal people can benefit from the Bi-polar Mental Health Blog.

2. Leslie Nichole Thank you for the great self care/improvement tips.

3. The Dihedral has a really great sense of humor and an awesome ability to inspire someone to climb the challenges in their life.

4. Andrea I’d like to share her post of a post she shared about a parent’s role when their kid is getting bullied. It explains tips to look out for like weight loss/appetite loss, how to support your child, and how to communicate with authorities in writing, saving a copy incase legal action is required.

5. Michelle on your side is a nurse with legal insight on the hidden truths of health care.

6. PsychTalk, has articles on psychology subjects, tips on overcoming negative emotions, and a forum plus other numbers you can call if you need advice.

7. Victoria B. Click on her name to read about options to get on the path to sobriety.

8. YOGINI.Sharon wrote The Grief of Alcoholism. Alcoholism is pretty high on the list of causes of preventable deaths, sometimes it gets renamed into a different diseases, so I could understand how it flies under our radar. Hopefully this story of awareness of the issue could motivate loved ones or sufferers to seek help.

9. AHazardDesigns, thank you for sharing your ideas on how to make money online.

10. Allshouse Designs Looking to take your business website to the next level? Get great advice and advertising services to get your content to a wider audience.

11. Susie Lindou, thank you for your unique and helpful content.

12. The Loudest Minds has me wondering how one could sneak karoke into Red Lobster, or light someone’s hair on fire without them knowing it. Could his health and productivity tips work for us too?

13. Sylvia Marcia thank you for your tips and resources.

14. Wholistically Hannah, thank you for these healthy recipes, now we can be ready for fall with this paleo pumpkin bread recipe. The pictures make me so hungry.

15. Phil Taylor understands peoples aversions to hugs, tendencies towards awkwardness, and covert sarcasm and sillyness

If I nominated you all you have to do is:

1. Thank who nominated you.

2. Provide a quick summary of why you started your blog.

3. Share two tips you think will help expand traffic to their sites.

4. List the 15 bloggers that you recognize have great content.

5. Leave a comment with each creator of the link back to your reward blog post.

If you get a chance to put it all together I hope it brings you much luck.

Go to Bed an Hour Early • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 10

Well, this is boring. But I have tried this before on bad days, and I can say I had way more energy the next day, but that’s generally when I have no energy.

It is vital to get enough sleep for thise who have anxiety. I read about it in this Bustle article:

20 Minutes of Cardio • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 9

What’s better to do in 90°F high humidity weather than 20 minutes of cardio? Well, I decided a slow jog around a shady park might be the most forgiving. Three laps later I got some water, took my shoes, and heavy cotton t-shirt off (keeping a spaghetti string undershirt on of course) and ran 3 more laps then I did a walk to cool down. Then I did some Wim Hof breathing and held my breath for a minute three times.

An interesting observation was that my hands were very warm. And three hours later they are still warm, but not as hot as my face.

Usually I like to do pull-ups, Australian pull ups, and dips, but I was too tired and hot this time.

When I got home I realized I had a blister on my foot. But all in all, even though I like to meditate more than exercise; exercise is probably more effective at chilling me out. As far as I know, if I can tire myself out I won’t be laying awake feeling my heart race like last night, I hope anyway.

Slow Down on Social Media • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 6

So–I avoided social media all day on the 24th. I have read articles that the more someone uses social media, the more apt they are to have anxiety. We probably all have found ourselves in an awful argument over politics, health, or that one detail. We end up wishing we never bothered countering. And, it is a bit unnerving wondering if anyone will understand your post, think, “What a jerk…”, or even see it. But, I realize it’s not that important, it’s just for a bit of fun, and to share something helpful.

Sometimes I will see people get bent out of shape for not getting any reactions. But, many people don’t realize that there posts are being seen and reacted to. Here are some reasons people might not react directly on your post:

– They don’t want to seem disagreeable

-too tired

-not interested

-doesn’t want anyone to see them comment on a certain issue

-don’t have time

-they know they cannot do anything about it

-couldn’t think of a funny pun

-they will start their own post about it later

-and many more…

What are some ways you try to avoid social anxiety on social media, or if you see people from your social media group at the grocery store or wherever?

Who Knew Water is the Most Important Thing Ever? • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 4

I learned today I need to be more mindful of keeping hydrated. :/

Well, one way I went wrong is I didn’t fill up my water bottle in the morning, or purchase any water early in the day. I sipped a couple cups of water upon waking thinking of all the great articles I was going to upload about foods that help hydrate. (

Then reality smacked me in the face and it was off to the rat races to earn that cash.

Instead of happily drinking a couple drinks of water at smart intervals of every hour or so, I realized around noon, after no water at all, I was developing a headache and was thirsty. I tried to think what I was going to do about it and decided upon taking sips from both my hands put together in between cleaning houses (so I wouldn’t dirty anything as I was quickly trying to get things done).

At lunch time I got some sunflower seeds and grapefruit in a cup (lightly sweetened to my detriment because I have always had issues with candida probably because I had an almost deadly case of lead poisoning as a child and there were long stretches of time I could have treated myself better.)

After that house I stopped by my man’s work and he gave me some water. Then I went to another rental stretching out my head, neck, and shoulders breathing deeply and intermittently holding my breath trying to work out my head neck and shoulder pains. I weeded grass in the sidewalk and borders, did some watering after I felt the soil was dry and felt extremely guilty when I saw the round evergreen bushes were loosing there chemical immunity to spider mites due to deydration–I think anyway. Next, I sprayed a natural cleaning oil on the balding arborvitaes, which by the way are starting to bounce back from shaking off the dead evergreen leaves by stroking with the branches like it’s a furry four legged friend, and spritzing water into the foliage. Finally, I pulled out the invasive plants.

As we headed home I puchased some water and offered him some sunflower seeds and water.

My boyfriend went to get kale/Olive oil for me and a sandwich for my son, and I’m heating up corn and Quinoa for dinner. I do hope I can get this headache to go away.

What are some of the craziest things you have done to get hydrated?

Gotta do what ya’ gotta do.

A hydrading meal after a long day of work.

Resource to convince us all to drink water:

Here’s the original link for the 21 day anxiety challenge:

Be Present in Worlds of Color • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 2

Why would any adult color in coloring book? Why wouldn’t anyone color? Humans thousands of years ago left their stories on cave walls. And at the very least, studies show coloring helps calm the nerves. ( Towards the end of this though I was getting kind of impatient. I couldn’t stop thinking about the people I should go visit, Picking tomatoes, or seeing how my mom is doing.

One thing I noticed though, is that when my son was getting upset while playing Fort Night and he decided to give up. I invited him to color in the new coloring book I got for him. He had a pretty good time. And was saying, “Who made these pictures? I hope they didn’t get underpaid, because this is a lot of work. Only an alien could color one of these”.

And I said, “Yet here we are, two humans coloring in a coloring book. (Just like when I was a kid and Grandma colored with me 🙂

The Benefits of Going Outside • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 1

Anxiety is the ruiner of relationships, careers, and health. So lets take a little time each day to confront and comfort anxiety. Sure sometimes it’s possible to find something to do to forget about it, but sooner or later…. It’s just no fun to be alone with a bunch of anxiety and no way to deal with it. But thankfully, people write so many great ideas on this topic.

Today the family played mini golf outside, and my son got to drive a golf cart. I got some vitamin D. My son said he was so full of happiness, he was overjoyed. 🙂

I went outside to eat my baked potato and my one chicken, who is naturally an awkward but cute creature made me laugh as she kept peeking at me from behind the gas tank. Then she saw my baked potato. 🙂

What do you do outside?