Much Ado About Vegetables

I imagine that I am going to walk right into that kitchen and chef the heck out of some veggies and just eat them. Shovel those things like it’s my job. Then I walk into the kitchen and my mood is like blah…

Good Brain Cell: We really need to eat more vegetables.

Apathetic Brain cell: There’s powdered carrot in this birthday cupcake. 🙂

Quality Control Brain Cell: These green beans don’t look so good. 😦

Thirsty Brain Cell: There’s vegetables in tea. 🙂

Tired Brain Cell: …Can’t lift bag of kale…

Adventurous Brain Cell: Let’s just go get some motherwort from the back yard.

Blind brain cell: Let’s boil these beets and forget all about them.

Grumpy Brain Cell: We don’t have time for this, just grab something and let’s go!

Now, I need to just clear everything, and start over on a new week.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around how I can turn a bucket of food scraps into this;

Without attracting too many rodents (I know local cats and a certain red shouldered hawk do not mind, but my human neighbors might).

And then I start imagining how I’m going to go outside and start planning out garden beds, and getting soil prepared, allwhile being like Wim Hof:

(As I’m in my house shivering at 65°F looking out my back door)

I slowly get little steps done between a full time job, helping my son with homeschooling, ice skating, cleaning, social media, and uh… etc. How is your vegetable planning going?