The Journey Begins — The First 50 — Critical Thinking

Thank you so much, to you, the first 50 readers, or so, for taking the time to read some of my writing! It’s great to get feedback and read content related to this practice of writing, indirectly even. I’m learning to edit or delete to make this writing more relatable. I will wait longer to publish (like at least a day) so I’m not changing my article umpteen times, and hopefully it can read somewhat like an interesting personal account of an application of pyschological self help for anxiety. Most of all thank you for the time you put in creating great content! It gets me thinking.

Do the words that I choose bring out the best or worst in the people I care about?

This is an anonymous memoir (well, as anonymous as it gets considering IP addresses and whatever…) Still, I’d like a place to just observe and help motivate myself. I find writing disciplines my mind, in a way, because there is so much to take in consideration.

I like that I can share something briefly and read other’s writing and get a different perspective. I feel like people genuinely want to help and be heard. In return, I’d like to make an investment of time to create something helpful and entertaining. Thank you for your understanding.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Not me, though–I’m that one one person that’s not moving at the intersection, probably because I spilled my coffee…but that is not my normal m.o. (mode of operation). 😸

Thank You • Steps for Self Respect

Thank you, Carine De Lozier, author of Unsent Letters, for sharing a post of this You Tube video on understanding BPD (borderline personality disorder). I like your blog because it is full of ideas for feeling better. I thouroughly find Katie Morton’s YouTube videos helpful and healing.

Steps for Self Respect

1. Notice times of bad behavior

2. You have the right to remove yourself from the situation

3. We have the right to say no

4. Trust we have the insight to decide what is healthy.

5. Stick with respecting yourself. What do you love about yourself?

Identify Anxieties • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 19

Most of the time I am pretty easy going. Generally, I try not to think about things that make me anxious, though I feel that is life. For relevance I will stick to the big things I know probably effect my health or have some sort of relationship to my health.

This is the weirdest anxiety I feel, I can’t understand. It’s a bit like Squidward refusing to eat a Krabby Patty and then one day he eats one, and he loves it and doesn’t want anyone to know, so he tries to go to work early to sneak into the Krabby Patty vault (which only exists in that episode) and SpongeBob catches him, but can’t stop Squidward from inhaling Krabby Patties and exploding from eating too many.

I’m always trying to eat healthy and somehow some other article gets me confused and it sets me back. Sweet potatoes are sweet, but I read about how they are healthy for diebetics and somehow thought that was ok. It’s not really. It’s not on the list for the first phase in any candida diet. But for now I will just glad I got some calories. Before I got sick I thought I was managing things well, but I made a lot of mistakes.

Money is a huge anxiety. I start to figure out how to make more money, but yeah… usually I end up asking my boyfriend for help with food, and then later remind me he helped me with that. I guess all I can say is thank you.

Seeing my boyfriend make a mistake causes anxiety too. Sometimes I don’t know how to word things so they sound helpful. Sometimes he is so tired. And I can understand that. Lately I’ve been trying to understand what is going on with him. I ask questions, and try to inspire him to see different perspectives. But most of the day I’m just trying to be helpful and appreciative. I ask that he keeps trying. I have seen how making an effort to do 3 or so nice things a day for my son has helped him because he puts more effort into doing a good job at school, so I try to me mindful and helpful to see if that will work for my boyfriend too.

An Adult Version of the Cartoon “Rocko’s Modern Life”

I laughed and sometimes cringed in horror. John Callahan was paralyzed in a DUI car accident and started drawing cartoons. Now he has a whole cartoon seasons available for free on YouTube (

And soon there will be a movie about his life starring Jack Black called, “Don’t Worry” (