The Journey Begins — The First 50 — Critical Thinking

Thank you so much, to you, the first 50 readers, or so, for taking the time to read some of my writing! It’s great to get feedback and read content related to this practice of writing, indirectly even. I’m learning to edit or delete to make this writing more relatable. I will wait longer to publish (like at least a day) so I’m not changing my article umpteen times, and hopefully it can read somewhat like an interesting personal account of an application of pyschological self help for anxiety. Most of all thank you for the time you put in creating great content! It gets me thinking.

Do the words that I choose bring out the best or worst in the people I care about?

This is an anonymous memoir (well, as anonymous as it gets considering IP addresses and whatever…) Still, I’d like a place to just observe and help motivate myself. I find writing disciplines my mind, in a way, because there is so much to take in consideration.

I like that I can share something briefly and read other’s writing and get a different perspective. I feel like people genuinely want to help and be heard. In return, I’d like to make an investment of time to create something helpful and entertaining. Thank you for your understanding.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Not me, though–I’m that one one person that’s not moving at the intersection, probably because I spilled my coffee…but that is not my normal m.o. (mode of operation). 😸

It Was Just One Piece of Pie

Because it was my birthday celebration, I felt obliged, yet in awe to eat of something I had never seen before: A fluffy jiggly hot pink strawberry cream pie with granola crust. And, it was awesome! Halfway through eating it was trivia time, “Try to guess what I used to make it?”


“No, marshmallows…”

Well, at this point I might as well enjoy this pie. This is only different for me because I have issues from eating dairy and sugar. Such a great hello and goodbye. I didn’t regret it, until the next day, and the next morning. But I can heal and get back from those symptoms.

One of these days I am going to get this right and learn when to get out of the dining area. I would be happy with a granny smith apple for desert. All the effort folks put in to food make it soo magical. Left to my own devices, though, I like food just the way it grew.

Of course there’s always eggs, almond flour, and shredded nonsweetened coconut, or eggs and shredded sweet potato, or even eggs and fried onions and some other chopped veggies…

Is there something that you can not eat without consequences? How do you deal in those times?