My Super Hero Name

One day my boyfriend said he was playing a game with all his friends. The deal is finding your super hero name based on what you’re afraid of, and then your gender. I decided upon Man Woman.

Oddly enough, I do gravitate towards not being that feminine. Sometimes it looks strange when I wear something feminine. Maybe it’s the short hair, I don’t know. It just doesn’t look right.

Most of my pants I got from my boyfriend, and I think they look great as opposed to the current jegging style. I have a pair of generic black ones, and they’re not too bad. Anyways, it’s just a costume.

My superpowers just might be inuition, cleaning up, independence, or my fluid nuetral nature. I’m passively positive, etc.

Maybe I should rename my name Love Woman, Social Woman, or better yet: Awkward Person (lol). Thinking for a long time about it, I’m not really afraid of dudes. It’s just easy to blank out when put on the spot. I know am far from being only one of few who feels anxiety. Maybe you already understand that the most painful pain comes from the inside, even though now I just find myself laughing about odd stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe I am afraid of everyone in general. I want to give a helping hand to someone who falls down, but I just kinda hover about trying to see if that would be appropriate. It’s terrifying to just jump right in and be like, “Here I’ll help you,” because I know it is very possible I’ll be met with a,

“Leave me alone, I got it!”

And that would be awkward.

Do you have any tips for getting the brain back and working again?


Unlock Nostalgia with the Nose • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 16

Have you ever smelled something that transported you to another place and time?

-Maybe it was a citris scent that reminded how nice it is to be able to go to the store and pick and buy you favorite citrus.

-Maybe it was Frankincense that reminded you of a dried flower shop visited as a child.

-Maybe some Robbers essential oil will remind you of the holidays of all the past baked goods full of cinnamon.

Want to make a child happy? Put a drop of peppermint oil on a volcanic rock, or give them an empty bottle (if they are over 7) and watch how amazed they are. What’s a scent that takes you to another place and time?

Challenge Time:

Today, I tested if smelling an essential oil would help calm me through trying to to get a broken microwave to be accepted by a big box store under manufacturer warranty. I’m sceptical of thinking I can get any help with this even though customer service on the phone sounds optimistic. Just as I suspected, they don’t take anything back over 90 days, I call the protection plan and they won’t take it because it’s still under manufacturer warranty under a year. And so it looks like I made the wrong decision to buy a microwave, will not have one for awhile, and I feel even less trusting and embarrassed of this company. I felt no one would listen to me and just wanted to talk down to me. I couldn’t stop shaking. I wanted to chuck the microwave, and forget I ever wanted one.

So inhaling deeply I knew that breathing alone would probably be immensely helpful. The smell helped get me back to the present moment. Also, I was returning to a place where I could think of pleasenter things in life. Most importantly, I was now able to process more positive ideas. Thoughts including: I will get it sorted out eventually. I don’t want to make anyone’s job harder than it already is, because I know too well how that feels. I know I will miss fast rice, tea, coffee, and frozen dinners. But, now I have something I can grump about to relate with people. Maybe I can have more little bon fires and make some cowboy coffee.

Even if you don’t want to invest in special smelly things. You could take a mental note, or keep a list of observations of great smells that you come across as the seasons cycle.

Somethings can’t be helped and we know it’s going to be a bummer, but I am determined to find other ways to feel peace. What are some scents that you really like?

Slow Down on Social Media • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 6

So–I avoided social media all day on the 24th. I have read articles that the more someone uses social media, the more apt they are to have anxiety. We probably all have found ourselves in an awful argument over politics, health, or that one detail. We end up wishing we never bothered countering. And, it is a bit unnerving wondering if anyone will understand your post, think, “What a jerk…”, or even see it. But, I realize it’s not that important, it’s just for a bit of fun, and to share something helpful.

Sometimes I will see people get bent out of shape for not getting any reactions. But, many people don’t realize that there posts are being seen and reacted to. Here are some reasons people might not react directly on your post:

– They don’t want to seem disagreeable

-too tired

-not interested

-doesn’t want anyone to see them comment on a certain issue

-don’t have time

-they know they cannot do anything about it

-couldn’t think of a funny pun

-they will start their own post about it later

-and many more…

What are some ways you try to avoid social anxiety on social media, or if you see people from your social media group at the grocery store or wherever?