Affirm your Great Qualities

Here is a great article from Aishwarya Sha’s blog, Eclipsed Words. It’s about building self-love by giving yourself little reminders of what is great about you, aka affirmations.

Basically, when you are aware of your worth at all times, then no one else can sell you short, or make you doubt that you can handle a certain situation. Because, after all, we change and get better every day with practice, anyway.

So keep inventory:

Are you focused/hard-working, a networking hub, or idea factory?

Is your writing organized/educational or entertaining/cinematic?

Are you great at diffusing difficult situations, kind, good at coming up with win-win solutions, or making everyone laugh?

Put these little reminders somewhere you’ll see them every day, so when you are feeling bad for being in a bad/tired mood, you’ll be reminded of all your good characteristics and you can have faith it will pass. You might even be able to help someone you love feel better about a certain situation that’s bothering them when you remind them of what they have going for them. ❤

What are some ways you remind yourself of your true value? Can you think of 100 great qualities that you have?


Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you:

Wow, this is a happy surprise! I was looking for a way to express my gratitude to DM (Author of Pointless-Overthinking) before the nomination of this award, because I can tell he puts so much time, thought, and commitment into finding new blogs to read, follow, and welcome bloggers to his comment community. He reads every comment and gives thoughtful feedback. Reading the post on the award, I learned he studied psychology in college. Now I understand a bit more how much time and interest he has put into having very insightful content that is helpful, and I look forward to his daily posts.

My Why:

I’m gathering every resource that I can, and running with the most accessable tools to get someone I care about into rehab and counseling while getting my poop in a scoop, letting him know that I will get counseling too. I like the Action on Addiction Facebook group I found from

Through this website they suggested building a social support system, but I’m too afraid to talk about the anxieties I have to people I know, because I don’t want to end up with people making me feel trite and avoiding me because now everything seems awkward. I would rather have someone who is genuinely interested to read my story to be able to get help from these experiences as well. This site is also for those who have good information to share in their blog or in the comments.

Are you new and looking to expand traffic to your site?

I suggest remembering to go to post settings and adding “tags” of 4-15 of the most important words people might put into a search engine to find your content, just imagine you are deciding the words that belong in an index at the back of a textbook so people can easily flip to that topic. Naming categories also helps if you want to edit your menu bar so subjects in your content can be found easier.

A second piece of advice would be to sign up for WordPress’s Blog University. They will send you a quick article each day to give you all the tips to expand traffic. For example day one encourages to set up 3 goals for your website. This could be starting a weekly tradition, sharing a certain amount of other WordPress Authors pages, commiting to reading other word press pages and commenting/liking, and commiting to a minimum amount of posts in a week or day. Doing these things will make you more visable on WordPress outside of search results.

Bloggers of Recognition:

These are the bloggers I would like to recognize that have excellent content that can make a difference in our lives, and I also want to say thank you for their time reading some of this blog:

1. James Edgar Skye Thank you for letting us see into the struggles and seccesses of those with Bi-polar. Your blog reminds me that it fulfills similar methods that other cultures might use in feeling better. They appear to be more respectful and regard some states of mental health as part of a process of becoming healers. Even non diagnosed apparently normal people can benefit from the Bi-polar Mental Health Blog.

2. Leslie Nichole Thank you for the great self care/improvement tips.

3. The Dihedral has a really great sense of humor and an awesome ability to inspire someone to climb the challenges in their life.

4. Andrea I’d like to share her post of a post she shared about a parent’s role when their kid is getting bullied. It explains tips to look out for like weight loss/appetite loss, how to support your child, and how to communicate with authorities in writing, saving a copy incase legal action is required.

5. Michelle on your side is a nurse with legal insight on the hidden truths of health care.

6. PsychTalk, has articles on psychology subjects, tips on overcoming negative emotions, and a forum plus other numbers you can call if you need advice.

7. Victoria B. Click on her name to read about options to get on the path to sobriety.

8. YOGINI.Sharon wrote The Grief of Alcoholism. Alcoholism is pretty high on the list of causes of preventable deaths, sometimes it gets renamed into a different diseases, so I could understand how it flies under our radar. Hopefully this story of awareness of the issue could motivate loved ones or sufferers to seek help.

9. AHazardDesigns, thank you for sharing your ideas on how to make money online.

10. Allshouse Designs Looking to take your business website to the next level? Get great advice and advertising services to get your content to a wider audience.

11. Susie Lindou, thank you for your unique and helpful content.

12. The Loudest Minds has me wondering how one could sneak karoke into Red Lobster, or light someone’s hair on fire without them knowing it. Could his health and productivity tips work for us too?

13. Sylvia Marcia thank you for your tips and resources.

14. Wholistically Hannah, thank you for these healthy recipes, now we can be ready for fall with this paleo pumpkin bread recipe. The pictures make me so hungry.

15. Phil Taylor understands peoples aversions to hugs, tendencies towards awkwardness, and covert sarcasm and sillyness

If I nominated you all you have to do is:

1. Thank who nominated you.

2. Provide a quick summary of why you started your blog.

3. Share two tips you think will help expand traffic to their sites.

4. List the 15 bloggers that you recognize have great content.

5. Leave a comment with each creator of the link back to your reward blog post.

If you get a chance to put it all together I hope it brings you much luck.

10 Minutes of Meditation • Chill the Anxiety Challenge Day 8

Have you ever tried a guided meditation? Search for a useful one that you need. After you listen, then you will know a new meditation and can go solo with it when ever you have time to sit down to rest, and if the meditation is just basic relecting/thinking then maybe while washing or chores. Just avoid changing breathing or visualizing while driving because it can make one light-headed, forgetful, and you might not see something important in the present moment (like a pedestrian or motorcycle). Listed below are some different types of meditations. When you open your eyes and move on to your next task you’ll notice you feel more relaxed and clear minded than before.

Observe the breath, try different breathing techniques. Deep breathing dissolves bad feelings, provides mitochondria with oxygen to make energy more efficiently, helps nervous system function better, and balances ph levels in body fluids by releasing carbon dioxide.

Observe thoughts as they pop up How do they make you feel? Are they true? What would you say if a child said them to you?

Observe feelings in parts of your being. What can you do to feel better?

Comfort inner child

Meet a guide

Aura cleanse. Clean away energies no longer of service to being. Every organ has it’s own energy. The endocrine system relates to chakras, each hormone secreting gland controls different aspects of the being.

Sheild yourself. We all want to help others, but ask questions and descipher why a person is trying to make their problems known to you. What do the want from you? Would following their wishes get you in trouble? Prevent yourself from getting used. Create an imaginary filter around your energies to prevent other’s negative energy from effecting your energy.

Unattatch from nonuseful/hurtful ideas, things, people, identities

-Find a purpose

-play out cause and effects.

-Visualize solutions

Strenthen focus and working memory. Practice math like multipling double digits, or division. I split the number by it’s place values and imagine the numbers on each axis of a graph, or window. For example 11 x 11 becomes 10+1×1+10, and using the distributive property multiply 1×1+1×10+1×10+10×10=121. The more you practice remembering these numbers to solve the problems the stronger your focus can be. I have observed that it can be used like a thermometer to test how I am doing as well, since there will be days or times I can think more clearly than others.

Empathize. Put yourself in another’s shoes and try to imagine how they feel. Then call them and ask them some questions about it and see if you were right.

“The greatest relationship you can have is the one with yourself”–Somebody said that. (More self love quotes:

About me

Basically I work front desk at a hotel, clean houses, and am coaching my son through public homeschooling.

I’m interested in minimalism (to save time, resources, and work), foraging, animal sentience, being conscious of my thoughts, and getting out of bed in the morning.

The things I find cool are edible permaculture landscaping, roller skating, and ice skating.