Affirm your Great Qualities

Here is a great article from Aishwarya Sha’s blog, Eclipsed Words. It’s about building self-love by giving yourself little reminders of what is great about you, aka affirmations.

Basically, when you are aware of your worth at all times, then no one else can sell you short, or make you doubt that you can handle a certain situation. Because, after all, we change and get better every day with practice, anyway.

So keep inventory:

Are you focused/hard-working, a networking hub, or idea factory?

Is your writing organized/educational or entertaining/cinematic?

Are you great at diffusing difficult situations, kind, good at coming up with win-win solutions, or making everyone laugh?

Put these little reminders somewhere you’ll see them every day, so when you are feeling bad for being in a bad/tired mood, you’ll be reminded of all your good characteristics and you can have faith it will pass. You might even be able to help someone you love feel better about a certain situation that’s bothering them when you remind them of what they have going for them. ❤

What are some ways you remind yourself of your true value? Can you think of 100 great qualities that you have?


“Don’t Call Me Grandpa…

… especially around the single ladies”, I knew this guy was thinking after a blank stare as we talked about how he couldn’t take his kids to go ride go carts because they were all grown up, and I mentioned grandkids. He had asked before this how old my son was and commented on what a great age that was because after that they get an attitude. Then thoughtfully he added he had a friend that had very nice kids that didn’t have an attitude. I asked him about the father’s personality. He said that he did things with his kids, but so did he. But this guy had the challenge of raising 3 boys by himself and the mom pretty much abandoned them.

“That had to be very hard to do.” I said, “You know your kids probably felt rejected and their defense was to reject others before people can reject them.”

He said, “You know that makes sense. You could help people with stuff like that.”

“I like to read articles about it. One way around that would be to do 3-5 helpful things a day, so they see you are there to help; even if it is as simple as getting a glass of water.”

He put his hand on the counter and said, “Thank you”.

Another resource:

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