How to Cope with an Anxious Child | Anxiety in Children | Child Mind Institute

Here is a quick article on the do’s and don’ts of childhood anxiety. The main take aways here are to ask questions open as possible without any bias to it. Just leave out negative words. Then, help them feel like you really heard them, “So what your saying is…” This is kind of a tricky part, because it’s best not to let your emotions get the best of you. I only have one kid, but I still find it a challenge not to react to ear shattering yelling or complaining. And instead, just try to be observant. So, once you communicated that you fully understand what the issue is, then you can either give them your perspective, reasons why they can get through it, or give them ideas that would make things easier. Saying things like, “It’s not so bad.” Will only tarnish credibility, because it already feels so bad. Anyway, it’s a great article, and there’s lots more great info about this.